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Industrial statistical section

This section focus on industrial sectors in order to figure out number, and kind of industrial facilities in Kurdistan Region or how many of them are in food, chemical, and mineral sectors? And to know number of labor forces in these sectors, what is the level of their salaries, where they came from, male or female. Doing survey on all raw materials in their products, and the real source of these raw materials.

How these sectors use power/or electricity in these productions, and concerning the productions, what are the quantities that are used locally, or exported to other countries. Doing studies on the capitals, their assets in doing these studies we come to credibility and influences on national accountancy.

The industrial statistics is classified into 3 types based on regulation of ministry of Planning/Iraq   

o    Big facilities statistics: relating to those factories that their labor forces are more than 30 personnel, with worth mentioning capital.

o    Middle facilities statistics: the labor forces are between 10-29 personnel.

o    Small facilities statistics: the labor forces between 2-10 personnel Commercial statistical  

This section deals with all commercial sectors in the region as follows:

o    Number of trading facilities are; Malls, trading centers, big and small shops.

o    What is the incomes of those who are working in these facilities, and numbers of female workers?

o    Doing study on the materials and the sources of origins.

o    Doing study on numbers of hotels and touristic facilities, finding out their incomes, labor forces, number of visitors and their origin. 

o    Doing research on the capital and value of these tradesmen in any area related.

o    And study on money-exchanging sectors 

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