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Information Technology

The section gather all outcomes of other sections surveys, and entering them into frame-system electronically, cooperating other governmental directorates by assisting them with cutting-edge technology, and software; this section is divided into these sub-sections; (programming administration, data entry-center, website, running section for server, and network)

The main characteristics of this section:  

o    Schematic design for statistical surveys using Project Manager

o    Programming and designing using VB, Sql Server 2005, CsPro, Ms

o    Using server system O.S Windows Server 2008

o     Supervising networking to all sections in the main building

o    Managing the website on the directorate

The significant works of this section:

 o    Accumulating and registering disputed properties in 2001, and the outcome was regaining  6.000.000 dinar to the government.

o    Registering the data of real-estate of sulaimanya from 1960 to 2003 

o    Designing the employment system in sulaimanya in 2005, and indicating the duplicate employees.

o    Implementing the project of distributing estate among governmental staffs.

o    Executing the process of job-finding for people especially for college newly-graduated in 2011,2012 and 2013

o     Implementing ongoing process of distributing settlement units in 2013

o    Systematic process to register the data on directorate of life and death.


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