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The business statistics 

This department research all the commercial sectors in the kurdistan region , in this way:-

  1. The type and number of Comercial institutions which are malls, business centers, smal stores,  peddler, and so on.

  2. The number of people working in this business institution , how many are local workers , how many are iraqis, how many are  foreigners, how much income  and how many women are involved in them .

  3. It is researching the commercial goods traded on whether they are local or imported and foreign and also determines the export   and import limit annually through the airport and border points.

  4. It researches the number of hotel, restaurants,  cafeterias, income, capital, and expenditures and determining the amount of work in which there are kurds, arabs, and many foreigners and according to the services they have, how many stars they have and so on.

  5. It is researching the number of guesthouses that each includes (Hotel, Motel, Cabin and Tourist Village) which means the business sectors that guests stay in for 24 hours to know how much income, work force and number of guests who go there and what country they are from.

  6. Researches the capital and value of businessmen who work and trade in any field.

  7. Researches tourist institutions that have 5 stars, 4 stars or 3 stars, 2 or 1 stars, and how many of these stars are based on the services they have in the institution that receive several stars.

  8. Researching currency exchange companies.

  9. It is researching private banks.

  10. It is researching the Goldsmith

  11. It is researching the number of tourists who came to Kurdistan region through airports, checkpoints, and border points.

  12. Researching about  tourism companies.

  13. researching about  limited trading companies.


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