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Training Course For Researchers For Social Situation And Womens Health In Sulaimani Province



Training course for researchers for social situation and womens health in Sulaimani province

In the continuation of preparations for conducting a survey of the social and health situation of women ,IWISH2 is in its second year in the Kurdistan Region, which is by Kurdistan Region Statistics  in cooperation with the Iraqi Statistical Centre and with the cooperation and financial support of the United Nations Fund for the population of UNFPA It will be done.

Under the supervision of the Chairman of the Statistical Board and in the presence of the Supervisor of Statistics of Sulaimani Province and the Art Team of the Statistical Board, which consisted of surveying coordination at the regional level and head of the department of analysis and data from the Statistical Board on 25/7/2021

Training course for researchers in Sulaymaniyah province has been started which will last for 5 days.

During the course, the researchers and local supervisors will be trained on the questions of the survey.

At the same time, their training on the questions is to use tablets and the last day of the course will be held in the same province as a preparation for the next phase, which is the real field work will continue for 20 days. .



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Training Course For Researchers For Social Situation And Womens Health In Sulaimani Province
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