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conducting census in Iraq is discussed in a2 days meeting in KRSO


A 2-days meeting 20-21 Sep 2020 was held in KRSO to review the census preparations process and the step discussions about conducting census in Iraq, an important meeting was held between KRSO, CSO and UNFPA in KRSO HQ. The president of KRSO, directors from statistics directorates of Erbil, Duhok.

The steps have been taken to conduct census in the fields of IT, geographic information system, communication, the questionnaires for the stage of counting and numbering and census stage, as well as renewing administration units were in the meeting. 

The reason behind census postponement for  next year,as well as the measures have been taken by UNFPA in term of supporting CSO and KRSO toward a successful census were hilighted.

Part of meeting was dedicated to talk about the problems and obstacles in front of conducting census in Kurdistan region and all comments and suggestions expressed by KRSO specially Kurdistan’s share of census budget and providing satellite images of governorates in Kurdistan region which are considered as basis of census preparation. These issues were discussed thoroughly and stressed on the need to tackle them immediately if we want to have a census in all Iraq. At the end,the participants decided on keeping close working between KRSO and CSO and KRSO to initiate the work of establishing the rest of the working teams side by side CSO for census purposes.

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