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A workshop is conducted on the process of census 2021 in Iraq and Kurdistan region


At KRSO, in Erbil, a two-day work shop was conducted on 11-12/11/2020 to overview the census process which is planned to be conducted in October 2021. 
The workshop was carried out under supervision of the president of KRSO with participation of the president of CSO; the census advisor from UNFPA in Iraq; the head and deputies for the technical and field work; representatives from statistical directorates of Kirkuk, Mosul, Diyala and Salahaddin; statistics directors from Erbil, Sulaimani, Duhok and Garmiyan; as well as number of staff from KRSO.    
For the beginning of the workshop, each of the presidents of the KRSO and CSO and representative from UNFPA delivered their speech. They talked about the importance of census in the development of the country and concentrated on the role of all parts and cooperative work between them for having a credible census.  Then, the role of technical and field work was briefly talked about in addition the steps which have been taken till now and what is needed to implement the stages of listing and numbering, encirclement and census. Then the content of questionnaire for bordering and numbering of building was discussed where the comments of participant were taken into consideration. The second day of the workshop was allocated to the main questionnaire which has been designed for the census, where one by one of the questions were discussed and participants gave their comments and suggestions in order to improve the questionnaire.

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