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Survey Of Determining Necessity Of Labour Market


Sulaimanyah Statistics Office with Co-operation organisation of UNESCO ( United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization) made survey about determining necessity of labour market in sector of economy apart from governmental sector in Center of Sulaimanya, Districts and subdistricts is about specialist technical and occupational in 2017. it include many sectors like  Engineering sector, Industry sector, Restuarants sector, Hotels sector, and so on.

the aim of survey is to reform  in education sector, reform in technical and vocational training it is a high level program. purpose of it is this kind of education to become  main motive  as for outgrowth of economy and social in method of presenting education of owner quality supreme.

The Survey Has Four Extrinsic Aim :-

  1. Improving quality of study , technical and vocational training and give a good sample for governmental and more active it.
  2. Assistant in renew of educational sector , technical and vocational training , determining necessity of nowadays and future that is a waiting for labour market.
  3. Improving power and skills of teachers in education, technical and vocational training.
  4. Easement as for graduate of study and vocational training by stage of transfer in school to work, easement of work opportunity for them


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