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Statistical Administration Of Sulaimani Performed Survey Of Employment And Unemployment


 Statistical Administration  of Sulaimani Performed survey about employment and  unemployment , The goal in accomplishment of  unemployment  Survey is :-


  •  Revelation of rate sans work of and ones work and ones isolated to get the  scientific result and scrupulous result, to work on this goals .
  •  Another  goal of this survey that with situation of economy,  political and of social different, display of the  proportion of work and unemployment  and effect of everyone in that situations what  is on work and unemployment? for this purpose statistical of Sulaimani by year of 2010 re annual survey of work and unemployment  perform 

          Survey of work and unemployment perform with several steps : 

  1.  Periodic training: in this step  surveyor  and microscopic teams of work  are  teach with theoretical lesson  and practical  to be expert for filled a form.
  2.  Work of surveyor of: on level of each 16 districts teams are diagnose and families according of the number of population diagnose and  for all family  filled a form of work and unemployment. 
  3. Microscopic : after of return of team operative of surveyor  team of survey microscopic, microscopic of  total forms , they identify wrong operative, Subsequent teams enter square to correct the wrong things.
  4. Storing data: after of microscopic forms by team of microscopic, take forms to technology center to be  recorded.  total forms are recording according to advance database, each kind of wrong  have in recording center  it returned  to be optimize by team.
  5. Analysis of data and  final results of  timetable in this step the Proportion of work and unemployment diagnose according to program of advanced like spss and program of else.
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